Love your food

…Love the results

So many reasons to love food, it…

Comforts you

Connects you to friends & family

Nourishes you

But all the daily eating decisions can kill your food love

“What, when, how much to eat?”

“What’s best for health and fitness goals?”


“Who and what can you believe?”

And deciding what to eat with so many food restrictions, diets and food rules like: 


“Eat this”, “Not that”


 “Avoid gluten, salt, sugar, fat…”


 “Oh wait, fat’s now okay”


 “Don’t eat eggs”

…oops, “Do eat eggs”


Gluten’s actually not evil?

Ignore food rules, simplify your food decisions & have more fun—get periodic tips on how to love your food and love the results

Click for more fun with food solutions that fit your life

You don’t have to choose between loving food and your health and fitness goals,

it just seems like that

I’m Michele Redmond, a Dietitian Nutritionist and French-trained chef who knows you deserve to be happy around food and get the health and fitness results you want. More about Michele

When you fully love food…

You taste food mindfully

You eat without guilt or worry

You don't count calories

You have more balance & fun

Cooking is easier

Food should be your solution, not your problem.

It should nourish, comfort and connect you to friends and family in fun ways and result in loving your food and loving the results.

This is eating well.

Eating well means enjoying food and achieving optimal health, fitness and well-being.

Connect with the Taste Workshop to learn how to best develop your healthy palate, cook as an easy, natural part of the week and find new ways to prioritize yourself and eating well.

Taste, the missing nutrient

Learn the how & why of your taste preferences & develop more preferences for high satiety, nourishing foods

Eat more foods that satisfy your palate and body and cook as an easy, quick and natural part of your week

Love Food First

Connect to your food and eating priorities, what you most want & what food culture best supports this


         The one thing we do multiple times a day that most impacts our well-being.

So WHY is it hard to do well?

Explore the answers at the Taste Workshop. Start with a monthly Taste of Living Well Update.

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