Be Healthy and Enjoy Food,

Even on Busy Days.

Our days are full of time stressors, distractions and endless decisions.

All of these disrupt good intentions to make healthy choices. And more willpower isn’t the answer.

Instead, you can learn how to create habits and healthy behaviors to meet goals and enjoy life (and food) more.

What’s Possible…

I help individuals and teams leverage habits and actions to meet goals, be healthy and enjoy food, even on busy days.

I’m Michele Redmond, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Wellness Trainer and Culinary-Nutrition Coach.

I’m also a self-proclaimed “Food Enjoyment Activist”. I don’t see eating as a self-improvement project, instead let’s find the intersection between your health and well-being that includes foods you love.


    Here’s the different ways to work with Michele

    Speaking & Training

    Workday wellness training, interactive workshops and keynotes focused on building healthy behaviors, enjoying food and feeling great on busy days.

    Culinary Nutrition Events

    Workshops, cooking demos and customized education programs for organizations, employer groups and nutrition-health professionals virtually and in-person.

    Online Courses & Group Coaching

    Programs and courses for individuals, groups and teams focused on  healthy habits and routines on busy days and group coaching combined with courses. 

    Michele’s approach and her programs help people find time to improve health and meet their goals through habits and routines. Most importantly you learn how to pivot when busy days disrupt healthy plans.

    Enjoy Food More

    Discover habits and rituals that simplify your food decisions and improve mealtimes and well-being.

    Flexible & Nutritious Foods

    Enjoy a diversity of foods for complete nutrition and learn new ways to simply prepare delicious, nutrient-rich foods.  

    Easy Cooking & Self-Care

    Rely on simple habits & routines for easy food prep, kitchen confidence  and “cooking up” your best health. 

    Nutritious Habits Updates

    Learn more about how nutritious habits simplify eating well and get culinary-nutrition tips, meal-prep time savers and delicious, nutrient-rich recipes.

      Eating is our most commonly shared daily experience that connects us to each other and offers us comfort, joy and nourishment.

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      Work with Michele


      Breakout sessions
      Virtual events


      Worksite wellness
      Workday (virtual) wellness
      Nutrition-Health Professionals

      Classes & Workshops

      Online & hybrid culinary-nutrition classes
      Master classes for professionals
      Flavor workshops