Let Cooking & Loving Food be Your Solution

So many reasons to love food, it…

Comforts you

Connects you to friends & family

Nourishes you

But daily eating decisions can kill your food enjoyment

“Should I eat this? Why, Why not?”

“How can I eat what I like without guilt or worry?”

“How should I prepare this food?”

“Food should be your solution, not your problem.”

I’m Michele Redmond, a Dietitian Nutritionist Chef who knows you deserve to be happy around food and get the health and fitness results you want. More about Michele

You don’t have to choose between loving food and your health and happiness,

it just feels like that


         The one thing we do multiple times a day that most impacts our well-being.

So WHY is it hard to do well?

Explore the answers at the Taste Workshop. Start with a monthly Taste of Living Well Update.

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