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Start with discovering your own best food culture.
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Tired of Nutrition Whiplash and “eat-like-me” Diet Divas?

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Fear, doubt, and judgment are not on the menu. Instead, I share reliable, easy food solutions to support a food culture you love, that’s uniquely yours.

I’m Michele Redmond, Food Enjoyment Activist, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and French-trained chef. Read more about Michele.

Your best food culture nurtures your body and spirit through the pleasure of eating and by making delicious, satisfying food.

Make Food First

Find time to eat, simplify your food decisions and prioritize eating as a relaxing pleasure.

Embrace Cooking

Enjoy more foods, particularly plants, and find new ways to prepare nourishing foods, simply.

Taste Mindfully

Create taste habits and skills that improve food choices and satisfy your appetite in healthy ways.

Welcome to My Table

Get periodic updates on how Pleasure, Nurture and Satisfy help you create a positive food culture that fits your lifestyle.

“You don’t have to choose between loving food and being healthy, it just feels like it.” Michele Redmond

Salsa! Dance it or Eat it—Both Burn Calories

  Dance it or eat it, but either way salsa boosts your mood, makes you hot and burns extra calories. Chile peppers in salsa contain chemicals that trigger heat sensations and cause your body to expend more energy--a metabolic effect called diet-induced thermogenesis...

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Corn, Tomato and Spinach Olive-Oil Galette

  Olive-oil galette--Is it a tart? A pizza with a folded edge? A pie you eat for dinner? It’s delicious no matter what you call it and, depending on your fillings, this olive-oil galette works for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This quick, easy tart base can be made...

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Lentil Mushroom Walnut Pate: Savory Bean-Meat Swaps

Swapping out a meat-based ingredient for a plant-based one is a balancing act of texture, taste qualities (like umami) and flavors from aromatic compounds. Particularly with liver—can you think of any plant that tastes or smells like it? Please let me know...

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