Michele Redmond

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Chef

Improving health and well-being via easy habits and routines of eating well

Hi, I’m Michele Redmond

I know how common it is to spend a lot of time and energy making decisions about how to  eat well and feel good. I also know that no one enjoys this workout. Instead, eating well should be something you look forward to and can do despite a busy schedule.

Unlike diets or “lifestyle” eating plans, eating well is about enjoying food and good health without requiring:

  • Willpower or diet discipline
  • Food rules or restricting foods you love
  • Specialty ingredients or complicated meals


Food Enjoyment Activist

I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and French-trained chef, but I also call myself a “Food Enjoyment Activist” because we don’t have to accept how our crazy food system fosters self-doubt, distrust, judgy food attitudes and “eat this, not that” food police. None of this noise or negativity benefits your health or well-being. 

For over 12 years, I’ve helped individuals, employees and organizations overcome these challenges in their efforts to improve health without sacrificing favorite foods or complicating decisions about what and how to eat.




Eating well isn’t about “healthy” food or willpower. It’s about habits and routines that support  easy meal prep and enjoying a diversity of delicious foods. 

Habits, Routines & Rituals

The key to eating well is identifying and developing habits and routines for easy ways to prepare  and enjoy eating a diversity of nutrient-rich, delicious foods.  We already spend over half our day functioning on  daily habits (automated actions ) and  have routines (intentional actions we repeat) and rituals (routines with reflection and connection).  When we make tweaks to these in the following three areas, we customize and simplify actions and decisions that lead to good health and well-being:

Easy Cooking & Self-Care

Rely on simply habits & routines for easy food prep and kitchen confidence to guide your best health and celebrate your efforts. 


Flexible & Nutritious Foods

Enjoy a diversity of foods to ensure complete nutrition and find new ways to prepare delicious, nutrient-rich foods, simply.         


Enjoy Food More

Embrace your best routines and rituals to enjoy eating, simplify your food decisions, savor flavors and connect for well-being.     


French-Trained Chef and Registered Dietitian  Nutritionist

Michele’s Short Story of Food

I refused cook. My mom was an amazing cook, so I couldn’t blame her. In my mid-twenties because my boss asked me to contribute a meal to an employee potluck, I discovered cooking didn’t suck. I also realized I could help bring people together and build community.

After grad school, my full-time job was as a health economist who was fascinated by how people made choices and decisions about what was best for them. My cooking hobby lead to catering side jobs and teaching cooking professionally.

I went back to school to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to better blend culinary skills and nutrition science to share how good tasting food, a happy eating culture and good health intersect. 


LCB Umami Workshop MR Side crp

Teaching a Workshop at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, France

Some Culinary Experiences

  • Taught cooking in a hospital-based diabetes center for 4+ years
  • Completed a culinary arts diplome at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris
  • Worked in multiple types of kitchens and as research chef for a meal kit company
  • Completed a diplome from the Haute du Goût de la Gastronomie (Higher studies of taste and gastronomy) in France
  • Taught culinary nutrition and cooking within culinary schools, college and university
  • Chef Instructor invitée Le Cordon Bleu, Paris for Culinary Nutrition Taste Workshops

Chef Competition & Demo

Teaching at the Art Institute

Teaching at Le Cordon Bleu Paris

Teaching at Le Cordon Bleu Paris

Some of Michele’s Health Care, Corporate & Workday Wellness Training & Events Experience

Michele’s first career was as a health economist who loved figuring out how to deliver the best healthcare possible to people corporations, non-profit organizations and small businesses. Adding nutrition science, dietetics and  culinary studies was a natural fit since eating and enjoying food improves health and well-being.

Michele’s appreciation for the value of employee wellness programs led to managing statewide worksite wellness and chronic disease management programs for corporations including AMEX, Motorola, GM, Honeywell and many cities.

Her health care operations experience includes directing a medical center for a medical school and managing physician networks and hospital systems for large healthcare providers and insurers.

School Credentials

Michele has diplomas from:

  • Arizona State University
  • Florida State University
  • University of Arizona
  • Le Cordon Bleu, Paris
  • Hautes Etudes du Goût (Advanced Studies of Taste with the University of Reims and Le Cordon Bleu.)
  • An unofficial graduate from an improv comedy theatre after 2 years learning to have more fun!

Upcoming Online & Hybrid Courses

Michele offers online and hybrid courses for individuals, nutrition-health professional groups and workday wellness.                                          Each course is built upon how habits, routines and rituals support health and well-being even on the busiest days.

Upcoming topics include:

  • From Hurry to Healthy: overcoming busy days to prep easy meals and eat well 
  • No Appetite to Cook: banish the cooking “blahs” and prep fatigue
  • Missing Nutrients: creating a diverse diet that avoids short-fall nutrients 
  • Flexing Ingredients: culinary shortcuts for delicious, nutrient-rich meals
  • Mastering your Pantry : Easy meals and entertaining friends and family

Nutritious Habits Updates

Learn more about how nutritious habits simplify eating well and get culinary-nutrition tips, meal-prep time savers and delicious, nutrient-rich recipes.