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Eat well on busy days with the Better “Fast Foods” course

Eating well on busy days can feel like a workout that drains your energy and spirit. You can turn that around with Better “Fast Foods and make easy, nutrient-rich meals your BFF (best friend forever)!

For a sneak peak, this course: 

  • builds habits and routines for fast prep of nutritious meals
  • saves you time and energy with common convenience pantry foods
  • uses Quick Pick Nutrition more fuss-free, nutrient-rich foods
  • helps you avoid common nutrient gaps and still eat favorite foods
  • uses the Recipe Multipler to turn one recipe into many meals
  • fits all eating styles with emphasis on plant-rich, flexitarian meals

This course also includes interactive, live cooking demos and Q & A’s with Michele Redmond.

Hi I’m Michele Redmond, a Dietitian Nutritionist and French-trained chef, but on most days, I’m a low-key home cook.

I also call myself a Food Enjoyment Activist because people don’t deserve a food culture that:

  • creates self-doubt around food choices,
  • pressures us to eliminate foods we enjoy, and
  • overcomplicates how to eat well. 

This course is one of the ways I work to help smart people improve their health and well-being in simple and fun ways.

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