Culinary Nutrition Umami Workshops, Cooking Demos and Tasting Events

Umami, your flavor tool for better food, health and happy eaters


Flavor booster, sodium reducer, taste balancer,

veggie enhancer and that’s just to start


Explore foods and products offering glutamate goodness (umami) and its related flavor cousins

Umami Taste Sensory

Learn to identify savory glutamates

Seasoning Sensibilities

Increase salt perception with less sodium

Crave-worthy Nutritious Food

Make nutrient-rich foods more “addictive”

Culinary Skills

Culinary tools for balancing umami-rich foods


Umami makes everything, particularly vegetables, more delicious.

Find out what, how and why!

What foods & products are naturally high in umami (glutamates)

How to use umami in recipe & menu development

Know umami synergistic compounds & ingredients

Event Options

Icon fork knife Umami comparitive samplings with guided tastings

Icon fork knife Interactive culinary and umami pairing activities

Icon fork knife Culinary technique reviews and demonstrations

Icon fork knife Focus on plant-based sources of umami

Icon fork knife Review of culinary nutrition & science foundations of umami

Icon fork knife Culinary demos showcasing umami-based foods and products

Upcoming Umami Events


London Umami Dinner

Umami as a tool in School Nutrition Programs

Umami-bomb Bolognese in France

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