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Mirabella at ASU French Apéro Hour


Artichoke Tapenade

Classic tapenades are dips or spreads that have a briny or salty taste from capers and olives. This version includes canned or jarred artichoke hearts.

Boursin-yogurt-artichoke-gratin dip on table

Rosemary Bechamel

This easy, flavorful white sauce supports many classic comfort foods and unifies vegetables, as with the cauliflower gratin and pithiver dishes, into delicious, creamy dishes.

Olive Oil Sardine Rillettes

A quick pantry dish! Savory sardines balance tangy mustard which is rounded out by olive oil for a lighter rillettes version.

Anchoïade with capers & or Basil Anchoïade

This traditional Provençal treat celebrates anchovy’s kick of salty umami & works as a dip, a base for vinaigrettes, a sauce and more.

Cauliflower Rosemary Gratin

A gratin has many variations but the interpretations all result in simple, flavorful ingredients together (often a béchamel or mornay sauce) and a quick bake time.

Boursin-yogurt-artichoke-gratin dip on table

Artichoke and Boursin Gratin

This gratin has Greek yogurt as a non-traditional ingredient that adds a creamy element and hint of acidity to balance the briny sweetness of the artichoke hearts.

Broccoli & Cheddar Pithivier

A pithivier (Pea-Tea-Vee-ay) is a classic French savory pastry  made from puff pastry. It’s like a covered pie!

Tomato Basil Clafouti

From the word clafir, a patois word meaning to fill, clafoutis can adapt to many ingredients. It is a cross between a cake and a flan but faster.


Poischichade (pwa-she-shawd) is a Southern France chickpea spread or dip that has a similar texture to hummus but even easier to make.

Boursin-yogurt-artichoke-gratin dip on table

Cake Salé de Tomate et Saucisse

Translating as “savory cake” this easy baked apéro treat also works for breakfast, picnics or a savory snack. 

Just a photo--Playing with Cake Salé

Turning a savory cake into bite-sized treats to celebrate a brunch with good friends!

Cauliflower & Leek Pithivier

Pithivier made with spice-roasted cauliflower, leeks and gruyere.

Apéro Hour 3/3 at 5:30

Guided Discussion with Michele

Let’s chat about the culture of l’apértif (or casually known as l’apéro) as a long-standing French ritual. We can all use more apéro time since it’s less about the nibbles and beverages than an opportunity to reset, relax and appreciate connecting with people you enjoy.

l’apéro savory nibbles are often a simple and spontaneous mix of easy foods from your fridge or pantry but can become a full meal, called apéritif dînatoire.

I’ll also share some comments on the recipes and ingredients and welcome your questions and thoughts.


Sourdough bread baking baguettes

Bread! It’s always bread à chez moi (at my house)

We’ll bring homemade French baguettes thanks to my Francophile bread-making buddy, Kerry.

There will be enough to serve with the dips or spreads but you can also bring a favorite cracker or crudité to serve.

Planning Tips: Preparing a recipe

  • I’m available for questions about ingredients or techniques at


  • It will help to follow the recipe as I’d appreciate feedback on any instructions or ingredients. However, please have fun and don’t feel any pressure to make the food or plating of it look “instagrammable”. Cooking for others is more about how the food unites us and this becomes the focus at any convivial event.
  • I will bring a warming tray for any of the warm dishes made (the cauliflower gratin and artichoke gratin.
  • For the fish dips, they just need to be kept in the refrigerator until the event starts. Some cold packs will be available.

Planning Tips: Not preparing a recipe

If you’d like to bring any of the following traditional condiments or beverages:

  • Cornichons, olives, nuts, veggie crudite’ or crackers
  • French or French-inspired wines:
    • Dry Rosé,
    • Chablis or unoaked or neutral oak white wines (so not a typical California chardonnay),
    • Brut sparkling wine
    • low alcohol (made with less sugar) red wines with about 10-12% abv (alcohol by volume) such as some gamays, pinots, syrahs, cabernet Franc, grenache. Or to heck with the abv and bring what strikes your fancy😊

Fromage Fort--The Most Flexible Cheese Ever

Teaching at Le Cordon Bleu Paris

Using your party pantry

Easy peasy puff treats

Sharable Party Treat: Broccoli Cheddar Pithivier

Kalamata Basil Tapenade

Spirited Apricot Cheese Brie Wheel

Peppers with Pickled Jalapeno Fromage Fort

Here are some featured recipes and content from Party with a French Twist

Michele Redmond

French-trained Chef, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Food Enjoyment Activist

Introducing Party with a French Twist

This is a fun side project for The Taste Workshop and is a work in progress. It will be a guide and cookbook that offers cozy, low-key happy hours, like the French apero or aperatif to casually gather over a few simple nibbles. And that’s the French Twist.

You can create more relaxing moments at home to connect, slow down and recharge with friends, family, neighbors and future friends.

Flexible recipes & non-recipe, fuss-free food prep

  • Lots of no-prep or low-prep nibbles for low-key entertaining
  • A blend French and Mediterranean food influences
  • A plant-rich but flexitarian approach for a variety of eating styles

Sign up to receive early VIP access to recipes and chapter information before the book is published!

Party for health and wellbeing!

Whether you call it, “le Happy Hour”, Apératif or Apéro time,

there are ways to socialize over food that nurture your body and spirit.