Healthy doesn’t mean health

by | Jul 30, 2015

Tomatoes healthyNone of these mean you will eat better or have great health:
  • Choosing healthy foods
  • Cooking healthy foods
  • Eating healthy foods

Each of these activities or all of these activities combined will not guarantee the weight and health that you desire unless healthy cuisine is part of your life.

What is healthy cuisine?

Healthy cuisine occurs when:

o   You are fully aware of how you eat and why, and
o   You are aware of the role of food in your life.

Is healthy cuisine part of your life? These questions help to assess if healthy cuisine is a daily practice in your life:

  • Do you fully enjoy your food without worry or guilt?
  • Do you know why you like or dislike certain flavor and taste elements in food?
  • What are you thinking or doing while eating?
  • Why do you choose the foods you eat?
  • What is influencing how you eat?
  • How does your food heal and benefit you?
  • What priority does food have for you?
  • What priority does cooking have for you?
  • What are your cooking and family food traditions?
  • What is the quality of your food & how was it made?

Cuisine reflects how food is prepared and the style of cooking or types of foods prepared. Cuisine is also a reflection of culture and how the world around us dictates our attitudes towards food and eating and how we decide what role food has in our lives emotionally, socially and healthfully.

At The Taste Workshop, we explore these elements of healthy cuisine to be healthier and happier eaters.

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