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Food and eating solutions without food rules, eating restrictions, eat-like-me-look-like-me diets nor “eat this, not that” food fears.

Instead, I share the best information on balanced, practical ways to eat well and maximize your health through food enjoyment, mindful tasting and cooking food you love. There are also recipes, culinary nutrition tips, and posts on how food culture impacts how and what we eat.


No food rules! Instead, food RULES!

We have so many food rules about what, when, how much and why to eat that food is seen as the problem not the solution. At the Taste Workshop we explore how we prioritize the most...

Workshop was a Huge Success

“The taste workshop facilitated by Michele was a huge success among our members. Her presentation was informative and included information that was valuable to RD’s who work in a variety of different areas of nutrition. The presentation was followed by an interactive workshop which allowed...


“Michele created innovate ways to outreach and share information with physicians and other health care providers as well as patients and employees. The high expertise she demonstrated, along with her outstanding presentation skills, assisted in helping patients as well as staff embark on behavior change...

Dynamic Speaker

Michele is a committed professional. Her presentation at the Hawaii Dietetic Association Meeting was the most well rated of the entire program. It connected the local with the world concern for using what we can produce in our local community and be sustainable. She shared...

Excellent Teacher

“Michele is an excellent teacher, provides hands-on experiences for her students and makes each session unique and enjoyable. She emphasizes that food should not only be healthy but taste good and is able to adapt her recipes to particular needs and/or constraints of the individual...

Using Flavor to Inspire Change

“Michele was very knowledgeable about ways nutrition professionals can use flavor to motivate clients and inspire behavior change. The material was delivered in an organized, easy to understand manner. Her topic was well received by our audience, who greatly appreciated the unique view of nutrition...

A Refreshing Perspective

The philosophy that Michele brings to the Taste Workshop is so unique these days, but it makes so much sense. Why live in a world of deprivation and food rules when there are opportunities for good food that is good for you. I love her...

Thank You

“Thank you for sharing your time and talent. It was a fun and informative evening! Your expertise in both the science and art of food preparation is phenomenal. Appreciate your efforts in working with us.
Caroline Goodman, RD
September Tuesday Tasting Class

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