Fast Flatbread 3 Ways–Watch out Pizza

Fast Flatbread 3 Ways (makes 6 one-person servings) Flatbread, is quicker to make than its cousin--pizza. It doesn't require careful measuring, sifted flour or yeast and doesn't make you wait. It’s five minutes from your pantry to a lump of dough ready to be pressed...

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Golden Horseradish Hummus

Golden Horseradish Hummus Hummus is about the chickpeas and tahini. I point this out because I've been burned at restaurants where I ordered hummus and realized through tasting, then confirming, that I had chickpea/tahini-less "hummus". Chickpeas have a distinct...

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Easy French Brown-Butter Tart

For bakers and home cooks who bake often, making tarts is easy enough. However, not everyone, including me, appreciates the specific measuring and techniques required for good tart dough. Now, after discovering this easy brown-butter tart, I’m dreaming of future tarts.

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Roasted Cauliflower Steaks with Sumac

Roasted Cauliflower Steaks with Sumac Pan-seared cauliflower steaks work great, yet often require finishing in the oven. This cauliflower steak with sumac option shortcuts the pan-searing for a longer, but less fussy, roast in the oven. While these “C-steaks” may not...

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Boursin and Yogurt Artichoke Gratin

Boursin and Yogurt Artichoke Gratin French and American gratins, pronounced “Grawh-tAHn”, range from dense, cheesy and cream-laden to light dishes made simply with a béchamel sauce. This artichoke gratin, is a bit dense and lightly cheesy and works well as a dip or...

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Parsnip Puree Soup and Crisps

Parsnip Puree Soup with Crisps You’re so sweet, you’re so fine, but a sugar bomb in wintertime. Okay, the song doesn’t go this way but, in winter, cold converts parsnip starches to sugar at high levels and if the parsnips freeze before harvest, they become even...

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Almond and Hazelnut Dukkah

Almond and Hazelnut Dukkah Dukkah, a savory spice and nut mix, has Arabic roots and worldly applications. Traditional key ingredients are nuts, coriander, cumin seed, salt and sesame seeds, but it can also include other seeds such as fennel and peppercorns. The word...

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Turkey Picadillo Lettuce Wraps

Picadillo is fun to say but better to eat. You can do both in Mexico, Cuba, the Philippines and other countries who’ve adopted this Spanish dish. It’s a wild mix of sweet, savory and pungent flavors influenced by its Moorish spice heritage. Picadillo varies by...

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Spicy Crunchy Chickpeas

This chickpea appetizer or snack will create more bean eaters. The balanced spicy, citrusy and salty sensations plus a crunchy exterior are irresistible. Quick and easy to make, these can be made ahead of time or served hot and crunchy from the pan.

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Black-eyed pea and Hominy Texas Caviar

Black-eyed Pea and Hominy Texas Caviar This recipe highlights how canned beans can make you popular and happier. For happy, you can quickly toss together this dish as an appetizer, side dish or picnic nibble. It's a popular party pleaser that also offers flavorful...

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Catsup Chutney

Because this chutney has the texture of traditional catsup, it’s an homage to the old word for ketchup. This chutney can serve many purposes and so it’s a make once, use several times item for your week!

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