Speaking, Teaching and Events

Sharing and Engaging

Whether delivering a presentation, cooking demo or workshop, Michele’s solutions to common health, eating and cooking challenges involve humor and audience interaction. Her solutions reflect everyday experiences with a solid background in nutrition, culinary arts, healthcare, food science and food culture.

Michele feels that sharing information and engaging other people in learning is a privilege. It is also her mission to be a part of sharing how food can be a solution and not a problem.

Groups Michele has enjoyed presenting and offering workshops and demos to:

  • Corporate employees and wellness programs
  • Dietetic associations
  • Diabetes centers
  • Healthcare organizations, insurers, and chronic disease management providers
  • Culinary schools
  • Schools and non-profit organizations
  • International food and gastronomy organizations
  • Private groups in the U.S., Paris, and London

Favorite topics for talks and workshops

Taste and Food Appreciation for Health and Happy Eating:

  • Taste literacy for health and for coaching clients and patients
  • Managing diabetes: food appreciation strategies
  • Mindful tasting as a health strategy
  • Fooditudes for optimal health: How’s your food and eating culture working for you?
  • Gastronomic nutrition: food appreciation + food culture + nutrition science

Cooking for Health and Fun

  • Cooking with spices for optimal health
  • Salt and seasoning to increase vegetable intake
  • Salt: Is it the new fat? How to fearlessly salt foods or reduce salt intake properly
  • Cooking as an easy, natural part of life
  • Mediterranean foods for flavor and heart health

Food Quality and Sustainability

  • Food sustainability practices for nutrient-dense eating
  • Satiety weight management strategies
  • Food sustainability as a tool to promote health
  • Managing diabetes: food quality strategies


"Let's connect pleasure to wellbeing and make cooking & eating well easy" Dietitian Chef & Food Enjoyment Activist Michele Redmond

Nice stuff to hear and “Tasteamonials”

If you are looking for a culinary nutrition speaker I strongly recommend Ms Redmond, MS RDN. Her presentation on salt and seasoning, at the California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Conference in 2015, was outstanding and her audience scores were excellent (5/5). She provides practical modifications to recipes based on food science and nutrition without changing the essential taste. Please contact me if you need further information.

Kathy Sucher, Sc.D., RD

Professor; Director -CASA Student Success Center at San Jose State University

Michele is an excellent teacher, provides hands-on experiences for her students and makes each session unique and enjoyable. She emphasizes that food should not only be healthy but taste good and is able to adapt her recipes to particular needs and/or constraints of the individual student. Her classes are well organized, fun and she makes it easy for students to make healthier choices when preparing simple, easy to fix meals.

Megan Anderson

Clinical Dietitian, Fit Kids of Arizona & Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics North Division

The taste workshop facilitated by Michele was a huge success among our members. Her presentation was informative and included information that was valuable to RD’s who work in a variety of different areas of nutrition.The presentation was followed by an interactive workshop which allowed members to taste firsthand the effect of salt on the flavor of food.

Stephanie Carrell

President, Central AZ Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic

 Samples of presentations, workshops and cooking events

WICE LCB May15 student view Bubble“Fat myth-busting: Flavor vs Health”, Spirit of the Senses: Academic Salon, Scottsdale, Arizona. 9/2015

“Culinary Nutrition with Flavorful Fats”, Taste workshop and demo for Le Cordon Bleu Académie D’Art Culinaire, Paris and Hautes Etudes du Goût, Paris, France. (5/2015)

“Salternatives: Yum or Yuck Options”, California Dietetic     Association State Annual Meeting, Riverside, California. 4/2015

“Spices for a warm spirit and cool body”, Taste workshop and demo for Le Cordon Bleu Académie D’Art Culinaire, Paris and WICE, Paris, France. (10/2014)

“Salt: The gastronomic bridge from taste to flavor”, Taste workshop and seminar for Le Cordon Bleu Académie D’Art Culinaire, Paris and Hautes Etudes du Goût Gastronomic Series, Paris, France. (5/2014)

“Healthful flavors of Mediterranean meals”, APS employee recognition lunch and cooking demo at Halle Heart Center, Phoenix, Arizona. (5/2014)

“Training the Tongue: Taste literacy as a health strategy“, Northern Arizona Dietetic Association Kick-off meeting, Flagstaff, Arizona. (4/2014)

“Good Salt, Bad Salt: a culinary science and taste perspective on salting for flavor“, presentation and workshop, Central Arizona Dietetic Association, Phoenix, Arizona. (3/2014)

“Breakfast of “champions” and Colonists: colonial times to present”, Daughters of the American Revolution meeting, Phoenix, Arizona. (5/2012)

What Consumers Ask about Food Animal Agriculture”, Expert Panelist for event sponsored by the Center for Food Integrity, Scottsdale, Arizona. April, 2012

“Sustainability Foods Lingo: Are the terms more feel good or be good?” Central Arizona Dietetic Association Kick-off meeting, Phoenix, Arizona. (11/2011)

Is your taste healthy? Assessing taste and food preparation options”  for Scottsdale Healthcare Diabetes Center Support Group, Scottsdale, Arizona  (9/2011)

LCB-salt-12“Women’s heart health:Foods for fullness and fitness”  cooking demo and presentation for Women in Search of Excellence at APS at Halle Heart Center, Phoenix, Arizona  (4/2011)

Sustainability for dietetic professionals and the “foodie” in you: perspectives from a RD/Chef” for State of Hawaii Annual Dietetic Conference, Oahu, Hawaii  (4/2010)

“Physical and psychological satiety” Cooking demo and presentation for Chandler Schools: Valley Schools Trust, Chandler, Arizona  (3/2010)

“Spices and fiber for great taste and satiety” for Scottsdale Healthcare Diabetes Center Support Group, Scottsdale, Arizona  (3/2010)

Best fats for cooking and eating”  for students, staff and chefs of the Le Cordon Bleu Académie D’Art Culinaire, Paris, France  (5/2009)

Presentations I won’t soon forget because they involved:

French popcorn

The first time I taught a class at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, I shared best practices for using fats in cooking and selecting fats with better health profiles. To demonstrate an American way to use flavored oils, I served some on popcorn to the students and chefs. Soon, throughout the second floor, odors of pastries are replaced with odors of a baseball game.

How not to order coffee in New York City

Before presenting at an American Public Health Association Conference in New York City, I stop for a coffee. The next tourist to order says “Coffee with cream and sugar please”, The server yells “What? You mean regulah?” and gives a lecture about wasting time—“jus say regulah!” Now I’m stressing thinking “what’s New York for ordering coffee with cream?”

Hawaiian chickens

To prepare for my talk to the State of Hawaii Annual Dietetic Conference in Oahu, I visit some farmers markets. A chicken farmer at one market invites me to a private tour to show how they supply chickens to the locals. I learn best practices for avoiding wild mongoose attacks and for beheading chickens.



My presentation to the AFL-CIO Space Coast Labor Management and Business Coalition at Cape Canaveral coincides with launching shuttle Discovery mission 48. However, my co-presenter and I are not lift-oft invitees, instead we watch from a nearby McDonalds and toast with bubbly cokes to the successful launch.

A fire

While in New Orleans to present to the Southern Economic Association Conference I decide, like a naïve tourist, to drive through the crowded French Quarter. The car overheats, smoke spews from hood and as we investigate, New Orleaner’s walk by calmly informing us “y’alls cars-on fire now”.