Culinary Nutrition Vinegar & Microbiome Taste Workshop

Get Sweet on Sour

Embrace sour with a fresh look at fermented vinegar products that brighten foods, increase salt perception and improve health. In this vinegar taste workshop and cooking demo, we’ll explore health vinegar myths and facts, the microbiome and flavorful fast ways vinegar improves food and cooking options.

Taste, eat and learn culinary tips to improve the sour in your diet

Your Microbiome

Get vinegar tips on how your gut impacts your health

Metabolism Myths?

Vinegar impact on metabolism, “detoxing”, weight and blood glucose control

Culinary Tricks

Learn culinary tricks to balance taste, boost flavor and vary salt perception

Vinegar Quality

Review nutritional differences of fermented vinegars

Vinegar Power for Sauces, Brighteners and Balancers

Taste a variety of vinegars and evaluate how they change and
balance flavor profiles of various foods

Review savory and sweet vinegar sauces and hot and cold vinegar uses as quick sauces

Learn new ways to use vinegar with veggies, fish or poultry, as savory & sweet gastriques & taste vinegar teas 

Sample Cooking Demo Menu & Recipes Provided

  • Vinegar cocktails or “tea” & discuss “vinegar shots” for metabolism
  • Chow chow, escabeche or piccalilli (spicy, sweet, sour veggie treats)
  • Fish or poultry with Chinese black vinegar sauce or an adobo stew
  • Fish or poultry & herbed and spiced Chinese black vinegar sauce
  • Gastrique or Agrodolce sauces for savory foods and desserts
  • Classic vinaigrette dishes revisited like Leeks & vinaigrette
  • Plus tasting a variety of vinegars
Vinegar Taste Workshop vinegars and oils

Le Cordon Bleu, Paris: Culinary Nutrition Vinegar Workshop for Better Flavors, Textures and Health

  • Class limited to 40 people
  • Course includes vinegar comparative tastings, culinary technique demos, recipe demos, tastings and handouts
  • Kitchen location: Le Cordon Bleu, Paris

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